-Where can I buy WaxonWare Cookware?

Currently we offer our products at our website and Amazon.com only, the WaxonWare products are currently for sale only in the US.


-Is WaxonWare oven-safe?

It’s not recommended you use your nonstick cookware in the oven since it affects both the handle and nonstick function of the pan, use only where necessary for 30 minute sessions at no more than 300F if necessary but this may decrease the lifespan of your pan/pot.


-Is WaxonWare made in the USA?

At WaxonWare we differentiate ourselves through our uniquely designed and colorful cookware, therefore all designs are made in our branch office in Portland, Oregon, USA , but our assembly and manufacturing process occurs in China ,so we can control many aspects that enable us to deliver premium quality products with consumer friendly prices.

Note :- WaxonWare items manufactured overseas are subjected to not only strict U.S. Food & Drug Administration testing, but also stringent third party testing to ensure products are free from lead or any other contamination. WaxonWare maintains its policy of providing consumers with safe and high quality products.


-Do I need to use wood or nylon utensils?

No. You can cook on all of our conventional cookware with metal, plastic or wood utensils.However , if you are using a nonstick WaxonWare pan, we recommend using wood or plastic utensils as it has been proven that this keeps the nonstick coating effective for a longer period of time.


-Do the handles get hot?

It depends on which item you have purchased, but in 90% of our products we use 100% A-Quality Food Grade Multi-Layered Bakelite for ensuring maximum heat resistance, soft grip and safety.


-Can WaxonWare cookware be used on a ceramic range?

Yes. In fact, WaxonWare is one of the best choices for this type of range since our cookware is balanced and the contact surfaces are smooth .The construction and superior heat distribution helps prevent scorching, which can be a problem with this style of stovetop when using other brands of cookware.


-How can I prevent sticking when cooking?

A preheated pan and lower flames are the key to stick-free cooking whether using Stainless Steel or Aluminum WaxonWare Cookware. 

1-Preheat your pan on low or medium heat for 30 Seconds.

2-Tap the upper edge of your pan to test the heat.  (If it is too hot, remove from the burner for a couple of minutes.)

3-Pour 2 teaspoons of cold oil in your preheated pan-or enough to cover the bottom of the cooking surface. Add food, making sure that there is an even sizzling sound when your food touches the pan. This indicates that your food is cooking on contact and creating a natural barrier to prevent sticking. 

4-Allow food to cook without disturbing it until the correct doneness is achieved.  The natural sugars in your food caramelize on the cooked surface, developing great flavors and lifting your food off of the cooking surface naturally.  If the sound that food makes on initial contact with the pan is more of a crackle than a sizzle, your heat is too high and sticking may occur. WaxonWare recommends low to medium heat for frying, braising, sauteing and simmering because WaxonWare is ideally crafted to hold heat.


-What is the "STAINLESS STEEL" cooking surface in WaxonWare cookware made of and how is it tested to ensure quality?

The cooking surface of WaxonWare cookware is made from high-quality 18/10 stainless steel, a proprietary formulation of 304 grade stainless steel specially adapted to meet WaxonWare specifications regarding grain size, texture, alloy content, and other physical properties that guarantee the superb culinary performance that makes WaxonWare the world’s finest cookware.

All stainless steel used by WaxonWare is certified to meet National Standard ISO 9000 (International Organization for Standardization) for all 304 series stainless steel intended for use with food. Every “melt” by our steel suppliers is tested and certified to meet our strict regulations.


-What is the "ALUMINUM" surface in WaxonWare cookware made of and how is it tested to ensure quality?

The cooking surface of WaxonWare cookware is made from high-quality 3003 aluminum alloy that is further developed to meet WaxonWare’s specifications regarding grain size, texture, alloy content, and other physical properties that guarantee the superb culinary performance that makes WaxonWare the world’s finest cookware.

All aluminum used by WaxonWare is certified to meet National Standard ISO 9000 (International Organization for Standardization) for all 3003 series aluminum alloy intended for use with food. Every “melt” by our aluminum suppliers is tested and certified to meet our strict regulations.


-Is Non-Stick cookware safe?

WaxonWare’s nonstick surfaces do not have harmful PFOA & PTFE materials.The quality of our cookware eliminates hot spots that can damage nonstick and cause the surface to burn and flake off. When used responsibly, nonstick cookware poses no threat to people or animals and can be useful in creating a healthy and well-balanced diet.



To prevent damaging the surfaces of your non-stick pans, follow the below guidelines:

  • Always cook on low to medium heat only.
  • Never use a nonstick pan under a grill.
  • Never leave any pan unattended on top of the stove or in the oven.
  • Do not use metal utensils.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or metallic scrubbing pads or brushes.
  • Do not use aerosol spray oils on your nonstick cookware.
  • Clean any cooking residue with a mixture of baking soda and water.


    -Why is WaxonWare cookware light, isn’t this a bad sign ?

    In the world of cookware, our products are actually rated as light/moderate in weight. We have worked for the past year to create cookware that is balanced in your hand, yet weighty enough to hold heat evenly, this is an important performance feature in premium cookware. Small pieces are easy to handle and the larger pieces often include a helper handle for easy lifting and pouring. The advancement of technology along with careful analysis in the engineering of our designs allowed us to create light cookware that on the long run performs much better than regular heavy cookware.


    How do I return my cookware under guarantee?

    You can use the Amazon platform to request a refund or return your product for any reason if you purchased our products from there, if you have purchased it from our website, kindly send us an e-mail (support@waxonware.com) with your order ID and we will be happy to help you out.

    Please note that your guarantee will be void for any of the following reasons:


    • If your WaxonWare is left on extremely high heat for an extended period of time.
    • If your WaxonWare is left empty on a heated burner
    • If metal utensils are used on the nonstick cooking surface.
    • If you use scouring pads, steel wool, abrasive cleansers, bleach and/or oven cleaners
    • Salt usage may cause pitting to the interior. To avoid salt damage, do not add salt to your food until the liquid begins to boil. Please note that the salt pitting will not interfere with the cooking performance of the pan, only its appearance.
    • Nonstick function is not included in the guarantee


    -Is WaxonWare cookware induction safe? What is induction?

    Induction range tops do not have combustible gasses or open flames, but use a magnetic field to create heat. The technology is widely used in Europe and is popular in professional kitchens because it is so efficient. WaxonWare cookware has been induction-ready since its development because we use a special magnetic disk exterior to most of our cookware that instantly makes them induction ready.


    -My WaxonWare cookware is not working on the induction stove, any solutions ?

    You can get it to work by offsetting the center of the pot/pan on the induction burner which will cause the stove to recognize the pot/pan. After it is recognized the pot/pan can be moved to the center and operate properly.

    See this youtube video for a demonstration.



    -How should I use my WaxonWare cookware?

    If you have never cooked with WaxonWare before, you may be surprised by how efficient it is.  Start using your WaxonWare on a low flame for all applications except boiling. Because our cookware is built to hold heat and distribute it well, you will find that low temperatures using WaxonWare products are comparable to medium to medium-high settings using other cookware brands.

    When preparing to sauté or fry, preheat your cookware for 30 seconds or a minute on a low setting. Test the heat by lightly tapping the top edge of your pan with your palm. If the pan feels warm to the touch you are ready to cook.  Put cold oil in your preheated pan. This helps to form a natural barrier that prevents food from sticking. Now add your food.

    There should be a sizzling sound when your food touches the preheated pan, indicating that the browning or searing process has begun. Leave the food for approximately 1 minute to sear – do not try to push it around the pan too soon otherwise the food may tear and then stick to the pan (see below – ‘how do you prevent sticking’).  Medium to low heat is all you will need.

    Often, after cooking, there are browned bits left on the pan.  These are delicious when incorporated into a sauce-easily made by adding stock, wine, water or any combination of these, and simmering to reduce and concentrate the flavors.


    -Is WaxonWare Cookware dishwasher safe?

    The ‘Stainless Steel’ products are completely dishwasher-safe.  It is recommended that before you use your Stainless Steel WaxonWare you wash it in the dishwasher first to remove any manufacturing residues and this will help to keep it shiny. As for non-stick cookware you can still clean it in the dishwasher, although recent studies and tests has shown that using a dishwasher to wash non-stick cookware can affect the lifetime of the non-stick coating on the cookware because high heat and harsh detergents will corrode and dry out the surface. Prevent this by hand-washing your non-stick WaxonWare cookware specially after you try and see how easy it is to wash our pans by hand.


    -How do I clean my WaxonWare?

    • For daily cleaning, warm, soapy water is sufficient. Clean your WaxonWare thoroughly after each use. Food films left on the pan may cause discoloration and sticking.
    • To get rid of stuck-on food or discoloration, and stains from using too high a heat, we recommend cleaning your WaxonWare cookware by adding 1 teaspoon of baking soda in the pan then adding warm water.


    -What is the WaxonWare heat resistant tablemat?

    The heat resistant table mat is not specifically an invention by itself, but our designers were able to craft and create a stunning and ergonomic table mat for placing your pans on them when serving food, this mat keeps the heat retained thus protecting your table surface from any damage + it can be used as a storage protector to protect the pan from scratches during storage.


    -Why do WaxonWare's STONETEC Series Glass Lids have silicone frames?

    These lids were designed with you in mind, therefore we created the silicone ring with venting and pouring holes for 5 main reasons.

    1. To prevent the edges of the lid from scratching your cookware.
    2. To allow for easy venting of boiling liquids and pouring them out without the need to remove the lid.
    3. For easier clean up.
    4. To prevent overboiling of liquids.
    5. To place your spoons in the cookware without having to remove the lid.


    If you are still having questions regarding your product, then please contact us at your earliest convenience (support@waxonware.com)