At WaxonWare, we have set a goal to be the world’s most innovative kitchenware company by 2020.

Our sole purpose is to design, manufacture, and deliver the most exceptional cookware of our time. It is our belief that your kitchen deserves more than just cookware. It deserves something more magical: products that change your experience with cooking; products that revolutionize how you view, buy, and use kitchen products forever; products that are so detailed in design in performance that you fall in love with cooking again—and it is WaxonWare’s mission to deliver such excellence to you.

Our History

Waxonware was founded on the premise of building a better, more customer-oriented cookware brand. As we looked deeper into the market, we found a great deal of inefficiency: a stale industry where manufacturers controlled the market, and ignored their clients’ feedback and suggestions. To address this issue, we analyzed over 5,000 client reviews given on different products, across kitchenware companies around the world. Our research provided us with the insight to design the future of kitchenware.

WaxonWare is a company that listens to its customers. It’s a company that integrates innovation, technology, and art in an industry where these traits have become extinct. Moving forward, we plan to disrupt and revolutionize a 200+ year-old industry, and to set the standard of excellence for cookware in this millennium.

Our Mission

The market for cookware is riddled with problems and gaps that need to be filled by companies like us. We have taken strides to understand these problems, having spent more than $200,000 and over three years in researching the kitchenware industry. We’ve studied worldwide trends, analyzed every detail, and delivered this information to the exceptional engineers and designers on our team. Finally, our hard work enabled us to tap into the kitchenware market, and make the changes that the industry so desperately needed.

Our Team

We think the most efficient way to manage day-to-day business operations is through a diversified team, with different cultural backgrounds spread across different time zones. In this way, we are able to facilitate 24/7 around-the-clock monitoring and implementation of our tasks. Our team shares the passion for our mission, and are willing to put in the extra time and effort to make a difference in this industry.

Our 3 Core Values

Customer Safety

Our passion is in creating high-quality, exceptionally-designed cookware. However, it is our mission to deliver excellence while ensuring our products are 100% safe for use. Customer safety is our primary goal. Therefore, we promise that all of our products are economically, environmentally, and functionally safe for use.

Customer Service 

At WaxonWare, we believe we are serving a higher purpose. Quality cookware brings fun, laugher, and enjoyment into your kitchen. Our colleagues, our partners, and our vendors share a mutual goal: to spread positivity through our products. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to “you,” our client. We assure you that we are always listening to your feedback, to improve our quality of products and your overall buying experience.  

Customer Education

We have found that many home cooks lack the basic understanding of how to properly buy, maintain, and utilize their cookware. Because of this, one of our core missions focuses on educating our customers. We offer our clients a detailed and fully-updated database, explaining how each product is manufactured, how to buy and best maintain each item, and how to efficiently use each product to get the most out of its function.

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