At WaxonWare we have set a goal to be the world’s most innovative kitchenware company by 2020. Our sole purpose is to design and create the best and most innovative kitchenware of our time.

It is our strong belief that your kitchen deserves more than just cookware, something more magical, products that change your experience about cooking, products that will change how you view, buy, and use kitchen products forever, products that are so detailed in design and performance to the point of making you fall in love with your passion for cooking again; and it is our relentless mission to make sure that this is what WaxonWare is always delivering to the world.

Our Story


WaxonWare was started on the premise of building a better more
customer oriented cookware brand, as we looked more and more in the market, we found a lot of inefficiency and a stale industry where manufacturers controlled the market and ignored their clients’ feedback and suggestions. To bridge this gap we analyzed over 5,000 client reviews given on different products across many kitchenware companies in the world. This enabled us to prepare and design the future of Kitchenware, a company that listens to its customers, a company that integrates innovation, technology, and art in an industry where these traits have become extinct. Moving forward from here we plan to change and disrupt a 200+ year industry and create a long lasting true vision to what cookware needs to be in the current millennium.

We believe that the market for cookware is still untapped with many problems and gaps that need to be filled in by companies , gaps and problems that we understand better than anyone as we have spent more than 200,000$ and 3+ years in research in the kitchenware industry recording worldwide trends and analyzing every little detail, this information used by exceptional managers and handed to highly qualified and intelligent engineers , with the addition of a complete on deck premium design team enables us to finally tap in the kitchenware market and make the changes that all cooking fans are looking for.

We think the best way to manage day-to-day business operations is through a diversified team with different cultural backgrounds spread across different time zones to facilitate 24/7 on the clock monitoring and implementation of our tasks. This is achieved by a complete and transparent team who have passion for the concept and who are willing to put in the extra time and effort to make a difference in an industry where innovation, design, and performance must be improved.

WaxonWare’s Area of Innovation 

WaxonWare leads on Quality & Design

Quality of service, quality of experience and quality of the deliverable end product. We have a relentless obsession to provide the highest quality products and support available to our customers. We cherry pick designers, engineers and team leaders who are motivated, passionate and focused on our cause. As a result, WaxonWare has changed the entire paradigm on design and quality of kitchen products. We believe that intelligent product design combined with superior quality performance is the deciding factor of a company’s success in a world where social media, immediate connectivity and customer feedback is instantly generated.

WaxonWare’s 3 Core Values

1- Customer Safety

 Our passion is in delivering high end quality designed cookware, but given cookware in nature and it’s varied materials and coatings used, we had to make sure that when designing or creating a product that it was 100% safe for use, this is something that we value more than anything else, after-all our customers safety is our number ONE goal , therefore you will find that all our products are economically and environmentally healthy with no dangerous or hazardous risks to individuals, animals or the environment.

2-Customer Service & Feedback

We are driven by the fact that we are serving a higher purpose and doing good things for the world. We exploit laughter, fun & enjoyment, yet we do it at no one’s expense. Our positivity is undeniable. Our colleagues, our partners and our vendors are all friends that we like and respect. Not only this, but they are great at what they do and share common good values. That is why we put a lot of focus on providing exceptional customer service to "you" our clients and to create the feeling of unity by always assuring you of our close proximity and that we are always listening to your feedback to improve our quality of products and your buying experience as well.

3- Customer Education

80% of people who cook at home using cookware have no basic education on how to buy, maintain and use their cookware correctly, given our core mission on educating customers, we have taken it upon ourselves to offer a full on support and updated database available to our clients on how to buy and maintain their cookware and explaining the different materials used in manufacturing as well as the usage method for each product and it’s suitability to cooking different types of food.