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“Amazing quality! Everyone and every household should own this product. Very well made and durable!”


“We use this pan easily 7-8 times per week. For eggs, omelets, frozen meals that require thawing and cooking, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc. Pretty much anything in a frying pan. It is just like new and the coating is doing an amazing job. Still nonstick. Cleans up very easily. Looks like new.”

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“This pan is absolutely the best pan I have cooked with in my 35 years of being the primary chef in the family. This cookware is well crafted. Not too heavy, with a handle that does not get hot in the slightest. The pan heats evenly and everything cooks evenly without sticking. Cleaning the pan is very simple and easy.”

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“You have to buy this pan, I like many of you have been looking for a healthier alternative to Teflon. First of all the non-stick properties are no joke, it's like cooking on a slippery ice skating rink, flipping eggs is so easy my wife can do it! ahahaha she loves it too. 
Impressive pan check it out”

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