When Should You Replace Your Cookware?


The pots and pans we choose can have a significant effect on our health. Move towards a safer lifestyle just by changing your cookware at the right time!  And while you know there are some things you can do to clean, repair, and extend the life of your favorite pots and pans, here is when you know you need to replace your cookware based on the material.


Stainless Steel Cookware

Stainless steel pans are a made from stainless exteriors and aluminum or copper centers. You know your pot or pan needs to replaced when the core is beginning to peek through the stainless since it can react with certain acidic foods.


Non-Stick Cookware

A few scratches on your nonstick cookware is expected over the life of the pan, but if you notice more than scratches and the the nonstick coating is beginning to chip off, toss the pan, it’s not worth the risk!


Cast Iron Cookware

If your cast-iron cookware is rusting and no amount of vinegar and dish soap is helping, it’s time for a replacement. Excessive rust can result from a pan constructed from miscellaneous metals. And no one wants to eat rust, right?


Aluminum Cookware

Removing stains from aluminum cookware is a little trickier. If the enamel is chipping off your cookware really badly it might need replacement!


The point is that you can rescue most cookware from even the worst kind of negligence. That said, if you've washed it, and it still looks like it's rusting, it's broken in half, or plastic chunks are just coming off everywhere, it's time to replace it. And WaxonWare is the perfect place to find replacements!