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4.5/5.0 (Based on 109 Reviews)

The classic kitchen dilemma: buy nonstick cookware that looks nice but doesn’t hold up, or shell out major money for a bulky, unattractive kind that lasts. That’s why WaxonWare’s 7-Piece Marbellous Cookware Set is expertly designed to combine form and function in a way that other “pro” cookware can’t.

Triple-coated nonstick system: cleans instantly

Cast-iron strength, but ultra-lightweight

100% free of PFOAs, PTFEs, and cadmium

Sleek marble design & heat-resistant handling



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Just stop thinking, and buy these

“Best. Pans. Ever. If you're thinking about it, just stop thinking, and buy these. I have stainless steel, copper coated, teflon, you name it, I've tried it. These exceeded my expectations right out of the box. No sticking, no scratching. Very easy to clean up. Holds heat VERY well.”

Dodd S.

I can’t review these pots high enough

“I can’t review these pots high enough. 10 stars. Great price point, evenly heat and so easy to clean. Used at least a dozen times and still look like they just came out of the box. 2 thumbs up. Highly recommend this product.“

Karen P.

Good value and gorgeous

“Good value and gorgeous…lightweight, so they are easy on the wrists, etc. when sautéing.. So far, my favorite feature is that there are two holes in the lids. One is to release steam and the other is to pour out liquid, reducing the need for strainers or serving spoons.”

John J.

I'm very impressed with the quality

“Actually nonstick! I'm very impressed with the quality of these pots and lids. They are easy to clean and have an even-cooking bottom. That's the first couple times using them I really just wanted to get rid of my Calphalon select stainless set and replace all with this brand”

Jennifer W.

Sautee, Bake, Fry, or Braise With An Essentials Set That Feels Anything But Basic

Meet your pro-quality starting lineup

6.3 QT Large Casserole Pan & Lid


  • Soups & chilis
  • Pasta bakes
  • Large-batch entertaining

2.2 QT Saucepan & Lid


  • Simmering sauces
  • Steaming veggies
  • Boiling eggs & more

11” Saute Pan & Lid


  • Stir-frying
  • Sauteing produce
  • Stovetop risottos

11” Frying Pan


  • Searing steaks
  • Cooking omelettes
  • Pan-frying potatoes

Finally: Style and Function Come Together in Professional Quality, Affordable Cookware

Cast-Iron Longevity Without Cast-Iron Maintenance

No more “nonstick” surfaces that disappear after a couple uses. Our durable (dishwasher-safe!) nonstick surfaces stand up to regular use, for that “investment piece” quality without extreme investment or time-consuming maintenance.

PFOA, PTFE, & Cadmium-Free Premium German Coating

Convenience can be safe & healthy: our triple-coated nonstick surface is entirely free of dangerous petrochemicals that can leach into food, so you can feel confident cooking for yourself and your family.

Ultra-Comfortable Handling

Heat-resistant, molded wooden handles provide the ultimate comfortable cooking experience, while soft-touch coating makes it easy to grip, flip, and toss.

Gorgeous Contemporary Design

Outstanding cookware doesn’t have to be boring! Experience cookware you’re actually proud to display in your kitchen, with thoughtful modern touches like wooden handles and marbled nonstick surfaces.

Experience What Premium Cookware Feels Like - Minus the Luxury Price Tag

4.5/5.0 (Based on 109 Reviews)

With durable nonstick coating, soft-touch handles, and elevated design, you can say goodbye to cookware that immediately loses its slip, burns your hands, and creates storage and maintenance nightmares. Simplify your time in the kitchen and get maximum control over your cooking experience!

Ultra-durable & lightweight aluminum

Less scrubbing, more enjoying your meal!

100% safe, even heat distribution



Free Shipping
Lifetime Guarantee

Stop Sacrificing Safety for Convenience: Experience Truly Safe Nonstick Cookware

Feel completely confident in WaxonWare’s nonstick German coating, that’s free of PFOAs, PFTEs, and cadmium for 100% safe cooking. With a premium, lightweight aluminum outer and even-heating technology, you can precisely control your cook-time and use much less oil for a healthier, perfectly cooked meal every time. (Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe for no-hassle cleaning!)

Other Nonstick Cookware is Bulky, Unsafe, or Prohibitively Expensive

  All-Clad cookware T-Fal cookware
Free of petrochemicals
Heat-resistant handles
Safe & long-lasting nonstick
Vented lids
Gorgeous modern design
Budget-friendly essentials $450+

Are you ready to elevate your cooking?

It’s time to take the hassle out of preparing meals, and make cooking more stylish, safe, and effortless.

Any Questions? We’re Happy to Help.

The handles are wooden: won’t they snap?

No, they won’t! Our handle reinforcement at the attachment point is actually thicker than most cookware, so it feels more sturdy and handles like a dream.

Can my Marbellous cookware go in the dishwasher?

Yes - the Marbellous Series is dishwasher safe. For ultra long-lasting results, though, we recommend hand washing.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! To maintain low costs for you, we offer free standard shipping on all orders. However, we only deliver in the US, so apologies for any inconvenience.

What’s your return policy?

Don't Like? Don't Worry. We have a lifetime money-back guarantee. We’re not happy if you’re not. That’s why all WaxonWare purchases include a money-back guarantee. So if you experience any issues with your purchase after receiving it (fingers crossed you don’t), please contact to arrange a refund or replacement.